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The Benefits Of Audio And Video Surveillance Systems

The Role Of Audio Surveillance Systems In Combating Crime

The cost of a security breach can cause a major disruption to an otherwise thriving business, and feeling insufficiently protected by their current security systems, CSOs in all industries are busy researching for the most effective potential upgrades. Having exhausted their options with video surveillance, many are now looking towards audio as the new frontier.

How To Choose the Right Security System

Security systems are a great investment nowadays, for both homeowners and business owners. They are a great deterrence to potential criminals, as well as allowing you to monitor what is going in at your home/business. But what system actually suits your needs best? Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a security system.

Using Security Cameras To Improve Business Operations

A study recently released by Eagle Eye Networks, a cloud based VMs provider, found that more than two thirds of companies are planning on using security systems for more than just security. The report detailed that these companies wanted to take the uses of security surveillance systems beyond their typical means, and use them to improve their operations in areas such as IT, management, and customer relations.