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Surveillance in your local library: are security systems necessary to protect your patrons?

Bay Area news services have reported a recent assault on a patron of San Jose State University Library. The patron managed to fight off her attacker soon after he attempted to restrain her in a women’s restroom, and the library staff have taken steps to move shelves and screens away from the bathroom entrance, citing a lack of visibility as a major contributor to the opportunity for crime.

Video Surveillance Is About More Than Just The Surveillance Camera

Security Systems Can Be Vital When Protecting Your Store

If you can get the right kind of motion security program within your home, you should never turn down the chance. A business owner that is interested in maintaining their inventory is definitely going to look for certain security essentials.

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Agricultural Markets save Money with Arecont Vision

Agricultural markets that are partially outdoors and serve a huge number of customers each year are inherently subject to higher rates of theft and vandalism than many other businesses. A growing concern for these businesses is a potential for contamination of foods by terrorists that could produce a localized epidemic from salmonella or even a deadly poison that could kill hundreds and devastate the business with litigation from the victims.

Quality, Tech, And Price Drive Security Camera Technology

Security technology has kept pace with the technological changes in data storage systems and change in the device preferentially used by the majority of clients and has improved the quality of the camera. The changes in security technology are all driven by customer demand and provide the ability of companies of any size to protect their site with a combination of the latest technology and older technology that depends on the security needed in a specific location of a physical setting.

The Benefits of 4K Security Cameras

Video surveillance camera systems are an important aspect of security. While there are some who believe that image resolution and image quality are one and the same, purchasing more megapixels will not always guarantee you a better picture. When purchasing a video surveillance system, it is not all about image quality; it is also about image usability.

The Demands For Video Surveillance Storage

When people look to buy cameras and camera systems, they look for how the camera systems themselves work. They look at the camera’s physical facility for gathering and protecting data. They look at the camera’s VMS (virtual memory system), and what analytics they want to apply.

Video Surveillance: Making Video Cameras Intelligent Through Video Analytics

The capabilities of video surveillance has progressed exponentially since their first deployment. Once the exclusive tool of the military or only the largest of companies, the technology cost versus the benefits now make it affordable and essential.

As the technology progressed from film to videotape to digital media, and the equipment became less expensive, deploying video surveillance systems made sense for even small companies or organizations.

Using Video Analytics For A More Secure Business

Your business needs more than just a camera system to survive. That is because whatever your video surveillance is doing for your business it probably isn’t very effective without video analytics. If you have a security system that is manned by an individual then that person could be missing many incidents. This person can only be so effective monitoring this security system by himself.