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Wireless Access Control- The Top Business Security System To Date

Security essentials today are not only considerably different, they are also a lot more technologically advanced. Vast innovations have been accomplished just in the past few decades. Wireless access control is one of the best of the new security essentials to be introduced. Door control technology has all but made typical key lock doors a thing of the past, at least when it comes to business security systems.

Door locks were designed for use in keeping property and people secure. The traditional keyed locks dominated the market for close to 100 years. However, traditional keys can and are, too often, extremely easily duplicated. Even with the pick resistant cylinders keyed locks did not afford the growing demand for enhanced security. In addition, old-fashioned key lock access keys are too easily lost or misplaced and just don’t supply the measure of security most businesses require today.

Traditional keys are also less convenient and cost effective when a company has any kind of turnover in staffing. Keys are lost, employees leave for various reasons, each of these scenarios generally require re-keying the offices and the distributing the new keys throughout the staff. Door control technology has changed all this.

The first technological improvement to access control introduced was the electronic keypad access. It was widely accepted because the mechanical keypad would for all intents and purposes easily replaced the old lock after it was removed, filling in the hollows left from it. The keypad also did not necessitate any type of electrical wiring, and best of all, and it did not force key holders to actually remember their keys.

Mechanical keypads, became considerably more convenient, as well as more cost effective, when having to change the access code because of terminated employee or one who quit permanently. The need to change the locks in the building was now replace with simply changing the door access code.

It took a while but the technology finally caught-up with the type of business security systems needed for 21st century businesses, finally the electronic standalone lock was introduced. The conversion to wireless communications and networks advanced and changed the entry control industry making the stand-alone suitable for most, if not all doors in the majority of door control applications.

Because of wireless communication, the stand-alone that were once regarded as last-resorts or add-ons solutions are no long considered so. The ever growing market for access control, according to marketing is wide open. The greater part of openings which are candidates for access control are well suited for installation of electronic stand-alone.

Cost effective, convenient, more reliable and a much higher degree of security are very good reasons for installing wireless access control in every office building. In fact it could be said it is one of the top security essentials for every business who takes security, cost effectiveness and safety seriously.