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Video surveillance and access control systems are a vital component of one's overall security system. These systems allow for one to monitor and respond to unusual or emergency events. When designing and installing, video monitoring systems users expect seamless integration of software and hardware coupled with the latest in technological advances. The Paxton Pelco partners do just that with their security systems. The access control systems and the video control systems are customized for the customer in mind and utilize all the latest technological advances in order to deliver the utmost in user-friendly, efficient and effective security systems.

Ease of Use

The Paxton Pelco partnership provides customers with several advantages in CCTV Camera/video security. First and foremost, in the event that the footage is needed it is easily retrieved. With only a click of a button, footage can be easily retrieved from the DVR system. This ease of retrieval allows police and emergency personnel the ability to understand and reply quickly to any events or security breaches.

Time and Monetary Savings

Furthermore, Paxton and Pelco’s Partnership provide the advantage of only needing to monitor one system at a time. Before the partnership end users were required to monitor two separate pieces of software. These multiple monitoring needs required added security costs as they double the monitoring needed. With the single monitored software end, users can expect time savings. Further, with the need to only watch one system security officials can better manage any unusual activity or event as they are less likely to miss an event due to divided attention.

Integrated and Customizable

The access and surveillance systems utilize the efficient integrated software. This integration allows customers to monitor sites of any size. Further, the systems are customizable and available with a variety of Digital Sentry recorders. The consumer can choose from a variety of compatible hardware and software devices and services. This freedom of choice allows the end user to have more control in designing a video surveillance system that best meets their needs.


Surveillance and access control systems are necessary components of any security system. These systems can be used to monitor the events and are useful in replaying any unusual activity. Using technology and CCTV cameras the systems provide end users with peace of mind and high-quality security monitoring systems. Not only can doors and premises be thoroughly monitored but in the unfortunate event of a security breach, the information can be played back and is easily retrieved for the police and other relative emergency personnel. With the integrated solution end, users can be assured that they are utilizing the most advanced and user-friendly programs. With only one system to monitor the Paxton Pelco Partners offer the easiest, most efficient systems on the market.