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Keep School Safe With A Paxton Security System

Schools need excellent security and in the past this has been difficult to achieve. Classrooms were often left open during the day whether they were used or not. Access control was left to a HAP -hazard system of issuing keys to staff who frequently lost or mislaid them. Locks were broken and keys had to be replaced. Financial resources were drained by replacement and repair. Our classrooms, their contents and our children were vulnerable. Thankfully, there is now a solution to the problem. With the introduction of Access Control Systems, where these have been introduced, school security worries are a thing of the past.

Schools such as Repton Public School and St Michael's, Haversham can attest to the difference installing the Paxton S2 Access control system has made. They can tell you that they no longer have to worry about essential security. Installing the system was an investment they do not regret.

The system is easy to use. Keys have been replaced with time controlled swipe cards coded for entry to individual rooms. The code for each door is set centrally in the office. If the cards are lost or stolen or there is a problem of any kind, then the entry pin can be changed centrally at a moment’s notice. It is even possible to give pupils a card for a predetermined time and monitor classroom attendance. When rooms are no longer in use they lock automatically.

The use of the system has obvious cost saving advantages. Equipment remains safe. Strangers cannot enter the room, there is no longer any need to spend money on replacing broken locks or lost keys or the worry that they might fall into the hands of strangers. It is even possible to dispense with the need to fetch and carry keys to those hiring a school building at night because they can be issued with a time coded card and the school can rest assured that after they leave the building will be properly locked. Cleaners and others using the building out of hours can have a time coded access tokens.

Installing a centralized security system could also help with inspections. Ofsted is often sensitive to the footfall of the general public near schools. The system provides the essential security demanded by the organization. Keeping children safe has to take the highest priority. With a system like the Paxton S2 Access Control System there is no possibility of strangers getting in and the use of every room in the building can now be monitored. This is security on a higher level and any school looking after its building and pupils using it will be awarded top marks.

For a top class access control system request a quote. Your school needs to install a Paxton Access Control System now.