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The Importance Of Access Control In Schools

Security systems for schools have become a hot button topic, as more and more schools are opting for security integration. Door access control systems are one of the first areas of concern, since this is the most obvious points of emphasis. However, classroom security is also crucial to the safety of children and teachers alike.

While many schools typically overreact to shootings that are in the news by installing door access control systems and CCTV, these system are often installed hastily, with little thought for how they will truly affect the school's safety levels.

The typical areas of a school that are targeted by security integration companies are visitor access, securing of perimeters and the creation of emergency lock down. With the emergence of wireless locks, it has become even easier for schools to integrate additional security
Wireless lock sets that are installed in an integrated manner with the school's electronic access control system allow schools to extend their security beyond the usual perimeters. Schools do not have to spend additional money on cabling and cutting in electronic strikes. This allows a school to install access control throughout the premises, creating more safe havens for faculty and students when threats present themselves.

The system is also able to be integrated with numerous other campus services, including residence halls, HVAC, event coordination and food operations. If future needs dictate that changes need to be made, due to campus construction and growth, this work can be done while students are away.

Emergency lock downs are the subject that comes up most often in discussions like these. School security relies on the integration of door access control systems that are capable of locking when a trigger event takes place.

Although many schools overlook the importance of installing a system that will work even when the computer systems are down or the power has gone out, the recommended door access control system is one that can be triggered at all doors. Most schools cannot afford to have an administrator sitting at a front desk, forever waiting for threats to arise.

Video should also be included with these control systems, so that administrators are able to receive visual confirmation of children's safety during an emergency.

The exterior doors of a school that is implementing new school security measures should be hardwired, instead of battery powered. This allows the doors to be locked with one simple command, ensuring that the potential threat remains outside. Battery powered locks can end up taking anywhere from 10 seconds to 24 hours to kick in and should be avoided.

Access control systems are a great addition to any school and help to not only keep entrances safe, but also classrooms and other school services, as well. Access privileges are only given to certain employees, for certain areas and are revoked when the employee no longer works for the school. Thanks to these systems, students and faculty can both enjoy increased safety during school hours.