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Emergency Lockdown Kerisys

Emergency Lockdown Kerisys is a process of using an emergency protocol to prevent people or certain information from escaping when a particular configuration has been made. It is a form of access control system used in organizations, mainly for security reasons. This is not new, but very essential in our present day world, because of the several disastrous events that have been taking place in our societies. There have been cases of shootings at schools and several other organizations, very violent robbery attacks in banks and in financial institutions, especially in African countries, prominent among which is Nigeria. When such events happen, facilities could be locked down to prevent looting and more damages from being done.

There are ways in which the system responds, owing to the programming that is being made. The Global Lock, for example, is one of such ways. In this case, all doors shut, but certain documents are still permitted passage. Also, departure is still very much permitted. The Lockout is another way in which the system responds when a particular programming has been made. In the case of the Lockout, all doors are urgently shut as a matter of emergency. All certified documents and cards cease to function, but withdrawal is still permitted, as well. The Lockdown process is another way in which the Emergency Lockdown Kerisys reacts due to special programming. The reaction in this case is that all doors shut, documents no longer gain passage, and exit is not allowed. However, exit is approved in cases where an automated apparatus such as a push apparatus occurs.

There is a case in which the system can be programmed to exempt certain doors from participation, and allow certain documents be nominated to override the Global Lock, Lockout and Lockdown situations. Examples of such documents that could be excluded are those that would be carried by law enforcement agency. This is done so as to offer an additional adaptability.

To control the system to change into a pressure mode that is needed at a given time, there are several methods that could be put in place. And any or all of these methods could be used. There are fright keys in the program from any commissioned doors that could be tapped. There are switches that could be flipped, and also, the state of some bars tied to a supplementary input on the controller could be alternated. And it is feasible to site these apparatus anywhere in the facility, for example, they could be sited in each room. There are also special passwords on a keyboard that could be anywhere in the facility. It is also possible to submit a useful document two times in the space of few seconds to any reserved panic reader. Doors can bend easily without breaking; because of this, other methods could be achieved through a special programming. However, there are cases in which certain modes could need Lego Mindstorms added to any other possible alternative.

Emergency Lockdown Kerisys are security essentials for organizations, so as to trigger emergency preparedness.