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Conventional vs. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

If you are considering installing or upgrading a fire alarm system you must consider the layout of your building as well as the size of your building.The two main types of fire alarm systems are conventional and addressable. Both alarm systems have unique pros and cons depending on a variety of different factors, such as location and size of the building, spending budget of the organization and the time frame it needs to be completed by.

First off, Conventional fire systems have been around for the past century. It is the most standard fire system for retail businesses and small restaurants. Conventional fire systems are set up into zones. Each zone is connected into a control panel or zone expander. It is worth noting that each individual device has to be run on its own individual system. This meaning if you have a smoke detector it has to run independent from the pull stations. Conventional fire alarms take significantly less labor to install, in addition to, being cheaper than the addressable fire systems.

Next is the addressable fire alarm system. These systems offer a quicker and more accurate response than their conventional counterpart. Addressable fire alarms use state of the art electronics to alert the responders to where the source of the fire is located. This feature is especially useful for large corporate buildings or school campuses where the building area is too large to cover on foot. Another advantage of the addressable alarm systems is that they require much less effort to set up. Lastly, all the devices connected to the addressable system run through a singular cable that loops and cycles through the entire establishment making it simple to add new devices.

In conclusion, Addressable and conventional fire systems each have their own set of unique applications. If you are looking to protect a small area and need to protect it at an affordable price conventional alarms systems are likely the best decision. If you are looking for that extra security and need to cover a wide range of building’s at a more exorbitant price addressable alarm systems is probably the way to go. without a doubt, Both systems have the capability of satisfying any building layout its just a matter of the time and cost associated with installation that may influence your next fire alarm system purchase.

by: Sean Murray