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Can Fire Education Teach Responsibility?

Fire education is not restricted to fire fighters alone, but also involves the general public. This is necessary to reduce the number of fire related incidents that take place daily. Fire education encompasses various safety tips that can prevent and manage a fire outbreak.

In most outbreaks, the incident reports show that simple safety measures could have been taking to prevent an occurrence. Below are some steps that may help prevent and manage a fire outbreak:

  • Stop, Drop and Roll

When set on fire, you need to stop, drop and then roll. Fire burns with oxygen, and rolling will immediately put out the fire. This technique prevents further burns until the fire rescue service arrive.

  • Use a wet blanket

When engulfed by a fire outbreak, a wet blanket will do a lot of good. Fire cannot burn without oxygen; the blanket will suffocate the flame. This can also be used for burning electrical appliances. Wet blankets will also prevent further burns to the skin.

  • Making and Practicing Home Escape Plans

Parents should teach their children and use real life scenarios or fire drills. Giving the children specific roles and allowing them reenact it. In this way, it is easier to prevent or manage a fire outbreak.

  • Reporting Fires and Emergencies

Parents should always take the initiative to teach their children the emergency numbers to reach in case of an emergency. This could potentially reduce damage and even loss of life. The emergency number 911, should be taught to the child as soon as he/she can speak.

  • Crawl Low Under Smoke

Smoke contains poisonous gas that can cause asphyxiation. While crawling on hands and knees, keep your head within 24 inches of the ground. The reason why crawling is more practical is because the air is cleaner above the floor. Crawling low under the smoke can prevent suffocation, and preserve life.

  • Smoke Detector Maintenance

The smoke detector plays a role of alerting the occupants where there is a fire brewing. This device is necessary in every home. The device uses batteries and should be regularly maintained. Smoke detectors can also be connected to a low voltage fire alarm system with remote notification.

  • Kitchen Safety

Kitchen equipment should be handled with the utmost care. It is necessary to be alerted when cooking to ensure that an outbreak is avoided.

  • Holiday Safety

Holiday seasons have more fire outbreaks than any other time of year. The reason for this is because people are usually more relaxed and distracted which can lead to forgetting important details.

  • Keep calm

During a fire outbreak, it is normal to panic, but it is necessary to remain calm. When you panic, the oxygen around you becomes exhausted, because you consume more oxygen at that time. It’s in your best interest that you manage to conserve oxygen to stay alive.

  • Turn off electrical appliances

Electrical appliances should be turned off when not in use.

Fire education will go a long way to ensuring that fire outbreaks are reduced. And in the advent of a fire outbreak, it will help reduce the damages and loss of life.