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The Benefits Of An Access Control System

Access Control systems are automated systems that control access to certain buildings or properties and also control access to different parts of said buildings. Although an access control system has many benefits and is designed for different functions, its major purpose is security. Access control systems do not only grant and block access, they also keeps track of who came in and who went out and at exactly what time. This can be very difficult for a large company with over three hundred employees to do by hand.

All access control systems have four major steps or patterns as enumerated below:

  1. The system is alerted by an individual who wants to gain access.
  2. The individual identifies himself via ID Card, thumb… etc
  3. The system runs a quick check on the data of the individual.
  4. The system either grants access or blocks access.

Although access control system was designed for security purpose, it now carries out several important functions for private residence and business organizations. Some of the functions or benefits of a very good access control system apart from security are:

It aids the payroll system. All the data collected by access control system on every employees as to how many hours (s)he worked and how many days (s)he called in sick or was absent at work can all be imported into the payroll system.

It can also help by cutting energy cost. The system can be programmed to switch off all electric appliances like the air conditioner or the heater when there is nobody in a particular part of the building and switch it on immediately someone goes back there.

It can also aid investigation by given out the identities of all the individuals or employees present in a particular part of the building at a certain time on a given day.

A very important part of access control system is the key control or key management system. With key management system installed, residents or employees do not need to keep spare keys. Rather, their keys are dropped in a locked tamper-proof key cabinet. A very good key control system is the Keywatcher system that has been designed and being operated by Morse Watchmans. Currently, the residents of Gainey Ranch, a luxury community in Phoenix enjoy the highly technology driven services of the Keywatcher system. The system controls access to the keys to their apartments and logs all the activities on their keys.

The most striking feature of the Keywatcher system is that it allows a resident to make a reservation for key collection in his or her absent. While making reservations, (s)he will give information of the visitor who will come for the key and also state the purpose. (s)he will also stipulate the time of collection and the duration for which the visitor would be with the key. So when the visitor comes around, he will log in his details and if they match, the key is released to him and the resident receives an alert via Email or text message that his/her key has been released. And whenever the key is returned, (s)he also gets another alert. With this system in place, you can be sure that nobody can gain access to your key without your consent. And for corporate organizations, it eliminates all the risks attached to losing the key to a vital part of the building.