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The Benefits of 4K Security Cameras

Video surveillance camera systems are an important aspect of security. While there are some who believe that image resolution and image quality are one and the same, purchasing more megapixels will not always guarantee you a better picture. When purchasing a video surveillance system, it is not all about image quality; it is also about image usability.

4K cameras provide numerous benefits, to both the customers who use them and the security systems. 4K is also known as Ultra High Definition and focuses on the following four parameters: aspect ratio, frame rate, color fidelity and resolution.

One of the main benefits to the security systems that utilize 4K technology is the ability to use less cameras, while still increasing the focus areas and allowing businesses to equip their security systems with wide angle lenses. When an incident is being reviewed after it has already taken place, the added pixels that 4K cameras provide make it easier to zoom in closer on a particular point of interest.

4K camera systems also provide fast scene capture. With 4K, an incident can be seen at a rate that the human eye is unable to perceive. While watching a full motion video, our eyes perceive the images at a rate of roughly 16 frames per second. A 4K video surveillance system delivers the same images, at a defined minimum rate of 30 frames per second.

This provides benefits to both the security system and the customer who purchase it, by capturing movements that would typically be imperceptible to the naked eye. For example, a casino can use these cameras, in order to catch con artists who use sleight of hand tricks in the act. Or if a cashier is subtly sneaking money from the till, the 4K camera can also catch this motion and capture it for all to see.

Even though 4K video surveillance camera systems are costly, the customers who purchase them are able to enjoy numerous benefits. Consumers are able to save money by purchasing camera systems with a lower resolution are unable to view the images that the security camera captures. When an accurate representation of reality is needed, when a clear image of all colors and backgrounds are necessary, there is simply no substitute for the 4K video surveillance system.

If you are in search of a security system that can monitor large areas, without requiring the purchase of additional cameras, look no further than 4K cameras. A captured surveillance image is only as good as its resolution, as well as its usability. Consumers also receive the benefit of camera systems that clearly define expectations during the initial purchase and provide added safety, by ensuring that that no action or image is left undetected.