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Agricultural Markets save Money with Arecont Vision

Agricultural markets that are partially outdoors and serve a huge number of customers each year are inherently subject to higher rates of theft and vandalism than many other businesses. A growing concern for these businesses is a potential for contamination of foods by terrorists that could produce a localized epidemic from salmonella or even a deadly poison that could kill hundreds and devastate the business with litigation from the victims.

A security camera system is the answer to the problems that agricultural markets face. Security camera systems provide protection from theft and vandalism as well as reducing the need for human security personnel. The systems provide protection that exceeds most business owner’s concept of security essentials.

A complete security camera system can give you 24 hour a day seven days a week observation of every part of an agricultural market. A single person can monitor the vehicle traffic in the parking lot, the fencing around the facility, and the activities of customers in every part of the facility. The business gets the same protection during the times when it is not operating with a single person being able to see all the facility at a glance.

The savings to an agricultural market can be huge in just the loss of merchandise and vandalism. These savings produce a higher and more rapid return on investment as well as reducing operational costs. Security personnel can be reduced saving as much as 30 percent of security labor costs based on a single implementation in an agricultural market in Poland.

A security camera system can increase your revenue. Your patrons must be made aware of the advanced security that an Arecont Vision system can provide for them personally and for their vehicles while they are shopping. Word of mouth concerning the feeling of being safe can add an additional 20 percent to the number of clients your operation sees annually.

A security camera system will allow you to get your money back from people that attempt to steal from you and your vendors as well as from malicious vandals. The sensitivity of the camera system allows an almost perfect identification of an individual. You can receive compensation from the courts for your losses.

You might even consider posting the photos of the thieves and vandals that your camera system helped catch as an advertisement to attract customers based on added security essentials and as a warning to any other thieves and vandals that your market is not the place to attack.

Terrorism is a real threat to the food supply. An advanced security camera system can allow a trained person to spot the behaviors that indicate a person is attempting to poison foods in your market. You not only prevent harm to your loyal customers but will be hailed as a hero in the local press. Press is never bad for business.

An Arecont Vision security camera system can save you money in losses from theft and vandalism, reduce security and overhead costs, and can be a selling point that brings in more revenue.