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Surveillance in your local library: are security systems necessary to protect your patrons?

Bay Area news services have reported a recent assault on a patron of San Jose State University Library. The patron managed to fight off her attacker soon after he attempted to restrain her in a women’s restroom, and the library staff have taken steps to move shelves and screens away from the bathroom entrance, citing a lack of visibility as a major contributor to the opportunity for crime.

Wireless Access Control- The Top Business Security System To Date

Keep School Safe With A Paxton Security System

Emergency Lockdown Kerisys

The Importance Of Access Control In Schools

Security systems for schools have become a hot button topic, as more and more schools are opting for security integration. Door access control systems are one of the first areas of concern, since this is the most obvious points of emphasis. However, classroom security is also crucial to the safety of children and teachers alike.

Access Control and Its Importance for Grades K-12

When it comes to controlling school access and keeping threats at bay, it all starts with securing the front door. The front door is the primary entrance point, which has led schools to adopt new strategies for toughening their perimeters. Access control systems are very important to school security, so let's take a closer look at the various types of security that are most important to have in school environments.

Access Control And The Use Of Biometrics

If you have a business you need to manage the way people come and go from there. Having safe and effective access control provides security for the employees and also for the business. You want the right entry of people into your business. This entry system is called Access Control. It will serve as a management tool to control who enters your business and who is restricted.

The Door Lock Of The Future (Today): Using Digital Biometrics For Access Control

The Benefits Of An Access Control System

Access Control systems are automated systems that control access to certain buildings or properties and also control access to different parts of said buildings. Although an access control system has many benefits and is designed for different functions, its major purpose is security. Access control systems do not only grant and block access, they also keeps track of who came in and who went out and at exactly what time. This can be very difficult for a large company with over three hundred employees to do by hand.

How To Choose the Right Security System

Security systems are a great investment nowadays, for both homeowners and business owners. They are a great deterrence to potential criminals, as well as allowing you to monitor what is going in at your home/business. But what system actually suits your needs best? Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a security system.