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Pelco VideoXpert VMS (Endura Upgrade)

VideoXpert is a brand new VMS which takes the users video management controls to a new level. Owning and operating a VMS can be a lot of effort for the user and may require a steep learning curve to completely utilize all of its functionality. Luckily, VideoXpert tries solving this issue by making it have a user-friendly interface so no time is waisted figuring out the system. This system can be implemented on to any current Endura and Digital Sentry systems via a software upgrade.

View The Pelco VideoXpert User Manual

Managing Tags in VideoXpert:

Short Description: This video walks you through the managing of your video tags on Pelco's new VideoXpert VMS software.

How to Export Video using Investigation Mode in VideoXpert:

Short Description: This video describes what Investigation Mode is and how you can use it to export video on Pelco's VideoXpert VMS software

Commisioning and Decommisioning Devices on VideoXpert:

Short Description: This video walks you through the process of commissioning and decommissioning devices on a VideoXpert system.

Assigning and Searching for Devices Using Tags:

Short Description: This video gives you an introduction to tags and shows you how to utilize tags so you can search and assign tags to devices.

Installing or Updating Core Software on a VideoXpert System

Short Description: This video explains how to perform a critical software update's to your VideoXpert system.